Teaser 1 from The Chosen



This isn’t how I expected death to be. I imagined it cold, dark, and lonely. This is nothing of that sort. It is warm and light. I feel everything except alone. I feel brave and strong. And loved. The only pain I feel is seeing the one I love so much hurting right now. I did what I came here to do, and now it’s over. I was chosen. Chosen to make a choice. A choice to live, and a choice to die. I chose death, and dying in the arms of the man I love is peaceful. If my own life must be given in place of the lives of others, then I shall give it away.

I’ll leave a memory with everyone I’ve touched. I will remember all the time we spent together. My only hope is that his memory of me is as beautiful as my memory of him. I struggle to open my eyes, knowing what I see will shatter the dream that I want to remember when I die. Slowly I flutter my eyelids, seeing nothing except a blur through tears and blood. Focusing, I see my medallion, dangling empty of the fire it once held around my neck. It now drips crimson droplets, staining the ground on which I lie. I cringe and curl my fingers around the ancient chain, accepting it for what it is. I am gone, and with my life, the fire goes out.

“Chloe, can you hear me? Chloe. Chloe! Come on, baby, open your eyes, please. Please, open your eyes. You can’t go yet. I have so much to tell you. Come on, Chloe, please wake up. God, there is so much blood. This is all my fault. I am so sorry, baby. I’m here, Chloe. I won’t let you go; I won’t do it. I will trade places with you, my love.”

His voice is the sound of an angel, my angel. He is my reason for living. He gave me hope in my lonely, obsolete world, hope that I could fall in love and that someone could love me back no matter our differences or how absolutely normal I am … was.

I can hear him and want so badly to answer him. I want to call his name. To tell him I am here. It will be okay. Painfully, though, I can’t. Instead, I drift farther and farther away, dreaming about the time we had together, reminiscing about the not so long ago memories of falling in love with not just him, but with five other of my dearest and closest friends.

It is almost unbelievable … Hell, it is unbelievable that just a few weeks ago, I was just me. Plain, average, old-souled me. Now here I am, after finding out that I’m descended from a powerful bloodline said to be undefeatable, lying on the ground, defeated, while my soul drifts toward the light of death. Content as I am, with a smile on my face, I say good-bye.

You never know where life is going to take you. I know now what I was brought into this world to do. What I was created for. What I was chosen for.

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